Apple's Siri Loses 7 Million Users, But Remains Top Digital Assistant | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

AI-powered personal assistant apps are spreading in certain parts of the market while others take a downward turn.

While Apple’s Siri is still the top-ranking personal app based on the number of monthly users, it has dropped 15%, losing 7 million monthly users from a year ago, based on a new report.

Samsung is in a similar situation, losing nearly 2 million users of its S Voice over the same period.

Amazon’s Alexa usage has increased 325% from last year, though from a relative small base. It’s now being used by 3 million people and its regular usage is steady.

Microsoft’s Cortana also is coming on strong, increasing 350% in monthly users, to 1 million. Cortana users also seem to use it a lot, since it has the highest rating of percentage of users returning to the service day after day.