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Scooped by Jeff Domansky
March 27, 2013 6:39 AM!

Social reader Flipboard’s new app lets you make your own magazines | memeburn

Social reader Flipboard’s new app lets you make your own magazines | memeburn | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

Social reader app Flipboard has already gathered a substantial base of more than 50-million happy flipping users, who can subscribe to read beautiful magazines constructed from social media updates and RSS feeds. But it’s not finished with the community just yet: its app experience has now become even more personalised with the addition of new features which allow its users to make their own custom magazines.


Yep. If you’re bored with the seemingly endless Flipboard-curated categories covering everything from DIY to news, tech, travel and sport, you can now create your own magazine from whichever social media and online sources you wish. In a bid to make everyone an editor as well as a reader, the new version (which hit Apple’s App Store today) has introduced a new ‘+’ button which allows users to quickly add a video, article, photo or audio clip to their own magazines. Unfortunately, it just extends to individual posts at this stage, not entire feeds.


Capitalising on niche interests, these magazines can be set as public or private, and shared, subscribed to and commented on by other users. Flipboard is also helping to promote the shift to user-curated content by highlighting interesting new user-curated magazines through a new ‘By Our Readers’ section in its content discovery section....

Jeff Domansky's insight:

Encouraging development for curators, marketers, PR and content pros. 

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Rescooped by Jeff Domansky from Technology for classrooms
August 20, 2012 6:51 PM!

Curate Your Own Web Magazine by Picking the Best from the Web with Zeen

Curate Your Own Web Magazine by Picking the Best from the Web with Zeen | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

Robin Good: I have just received an invitation to test the new content curation platform Zeen, and here I am with some early impressions on what I have seen.


Zeen is a content curation tool designed to create good-looking magazines on a specific topic or theme. Setup and configuration is very easy and straightforward and it allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Once you are in, you can immediately set up a Zeen magazine, by selecting a title, a description and a cover image. From there on you are free to use the integrated search feature to find web articles, news, images, video clips or tweets relevant to your magazine. You just start a search after having selected what kind of content you are looking for and Zeen presents you with a set of relevant results. One-click on any of them and they are inserted instantly in your magazine.


You can also create as many "tags" (Zeen calls them "labels") as you like and assign each content item to a specific label.


The final magazine issue offers an automatic visual table of contents, in which you can organize by dragging and dropping the order of your selected contents.


A Zeen magazine can be made of multiple issues, instead of being like, a continuously growing content holder. You select the content items and you produce an issue (which can be still edited after publication).


N.B.: There is no way to edit or modify the content picked and added to your magazine, including the use of images.


You can't create new content but only pick and organize existing resources.


Here is an example of a Zeen magazine:

and here is another one on barbeques:



More info:


Via Robin Good, Paksorn Runlert
Brian Yanish -'s comment, August 16, 2012 8:58 AM
After receiving an invite yesterday and also gave it a try. They have a long way to go as far as a mobile user using the site to currate content.

In find when viewing a magazine the layout has to much going on around it that takes away from the content.
Robin Good's comment, August 16, 2012 9:02 AM
Brian, I agree with you 1000%!