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Robin Good: Chronological and time-bound sequences have been the overwhelming approach to organize content on the web, just like newspapers had been doing for a long time. Look at blogs, Facebook and Twitter to see how pervasive this type of chronological organization has become.


But as more content becomes available more rapidly, chronological organization doesn't work anymore.


What we need is the option to navigate, quality content, through topic-based structures, maps and collections, where time is only one among other factors helping me slice and dice what I want to see.


"There's simply too much content to consume nowadays, so the great challenge of online publishing is to organize it better. Topic pages are the solution."


From the original article: "The time for topic pages has come.


Chronological and real-time consumption of content just doesn't work anymore.

It's time for topic pages to add a layer of organization on top."



Right on track. 8/10


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