Social Media ROI: Review of Oktopost's Social Campaign Tool | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

Are you looking for a social media analytics tool that can link social media marketing to sales conversions? Here is my review of Oktopost - which does that.

How do you prove the ROI of your social media efforts? For most people, social ROI is proved by measuring likes, follows, tweets, retweets and clicks because they don’t think they can link social media activity to sales. And truth be told, for most of the inexpensive social media management platform options available click/follow/tweet tracking is all that is offered. But that is changing.

Recently I began testing a new option, Oktopost. Oktopost is a cost effecient, social media management, tracking and reporting platform that tracks clicks, and more importantly conversions, down to the individual Facebook, LinkedIn or G+ post and tweet level. It is this ability to track conversion at the individual post level that I’ve found most helpful as it finally provides a tool to report true social media ROI....