Content Marketing 2017: Top 200 Global Influencers | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

With Content Marketing World 2017 happening this week in Cleveland, Ohio we analyzed the social and blog conversations around ‘Content Marketing’ from January 2017 to look at the most hotly debated topics and who the key influencers are.

Influence is topical and so someone who is influential on SEO is not necessarily the expert on influencer marketing or video content creation. We went deeper into the specific sub-categories and tracks at CMWorld2017 to call out the influencers who are driving engagement within the influencer community on these niche topics.

You can use this blog post to understand what is driving the online debate and who is most influential in the focus area that you really care about in your role whether it is Social Media, Lead Generation, Branding, Video Creation, Sales or Influencer Marketing for example.