How to Use Facebook Stories For Business | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

Facebook is constantly evolving and changing.  In 2017, one of the most exciting new features has been Facebook Stories!

Catching headlines for being a “copycat,” it has certainly been newsworthy…. and much awaited by many.

But it makes sense.  Everyone is there.  And those not there, Facebook feels they should be. So they woo their users, and hopeful users, with delicious digital candy.

What’s In It For You

For most people, Stories will be purely fun.  Business owners, however, have a new tool to leverage in nurturing relationships and optimizing their know/like/trust factor.

This article will provide insight on:

- Quickly integrating Facebook Stories into your Facebook marketing strategy

- Determining how to best use the features to amplify your personal and business brand

- Finding your comfort zone with the new Facebook Camera...

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