See How Active Social Media Is As Each Second Goes By | @AskJamieTurner | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

The Social Media in Real Time counter is a fun little tool that helps us see just how active the world is on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

When you load up the page you are greeted with a clock and with every second that ticks by, all the key metrics from each social site go up accordingly based on the latest statistical averages. If you ever wanted to know how many photos get uploaded to Instagram in 7 minutes, now you can!

The answer is 388,920 by the way. Then there are the 420,000 comments, and a whopping 17 million likes. Yes the primary activity on the photo sharing site is people looking at and liking photos. For those that upload them, that has to be a nice ego boost.

Then there’s Facebook. In just 10 seconds 48,830 people decided to update the world on their current thoughts. 8,330 of those were links to other sites. The second most popular activity in those few seconds was uploading photos, to the tune of 22,670. And there were 16,670 friend requests. For the sake of happiness, we hope they all accepted....