The Heist: How CAA Cracked Coca-Cola (And Ovitz Forgot To Negotiate A Fee!) | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

Having a movie marketing background and a Ph.D. under management consulting god Peter Drucker, Sealey had in mind to manage ads more like mini-films, and decided to see the guy who was by then considered the most powerful man in Hollywood: Ovitz.

Sealey and other Coke execs were summoned from Atlanta to the exalted I.M. Pei-designed L.A. building with the master collection of modern art, and Ovitz presented to them. One guy in the room remembered that “[Ovitz] knew innately …what these people wanted to hear.”

Coke’s advertising would be created through the lens of the CAA’s vast resources in every discipline. Ovitz hired Shelly Hochron to head the in-house team. (She had worked with Sealey at Columbia, and got a salary of $2 million major bucks back then.) She in turn hired Len Fink, who had been a creative director at Chiat/Day. (Ovitz said Fink received a “good salary as well.”)...