Control Alt Achieve: 8 Ambient Sound Websites to Help Students Focus | Professional Learning for Busy Educators |
What helps you focus when reading, writing, or getting work done? Do you need a totally silent room, or does some amount of ambient noise help you? For some people, students included, having sound in the background can actually help them focus better. This could include music, nature sounds, or just white noise.

Although loud noise can be distracting, moderate-level sounds have been shown to help some people in several ways:

One study found that natural ambient sounds can help people concentrate on what they are working on and improve their mood.
Another study concluded that a moderate level of noise can help promote abstract thinking and higher creativity.
Ambient sounds can also help drown out potentially distracting noises (such as office conversations, phone calls, and other noises where I work). This is something that could be very helpful for students in a busy classroom setting.