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The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard offers the most comprehensive look available at Americans' ability to save and build wealth, fend off poverty and create a more prosperous future. .... 2012 Editorial Projects in Education ...


1. The basic subject is about poverty in America.

2. The writer provides facts and statistics that America's poverty rates are high.

3. The writer wants to try to help to fix the poverty rates.

4. The writer doesn't state his opinion directly, rather blurts it out at the end.

6. I learned that the columnist is a generous man.

7. The article was made to attract people who care about poverty.

8. The writer does offer enough information because he states lots of statistics about poverty and why and why not we should help.


2. The major rhetorical strategies the writer emplys help to accomplish his purpose is simple. He states a lot of statistics and facts about the topic, poverty, and words it as a pursuasive article to accompoish his purpose.