Paul Stoller: The Face of Poverty in America | Poverty in Texas |

When you take a Greyhound Bus it is difficult to close your eyes to the face of poverty in America.

1.the main topic is obviously poverty in america

2.there is alot of poverty in america.

   everything in America is getting expensive.

   homelessness is everywhere

3.the writters opionion is he doesnt really like what america has come too.

4. Even if we encounter poverty, we usually choose not to see it. Better to close our eyes than to think about the suffering of the poor.

6. that he is knows its a sensitive topic but it needs to be talked about.

7.the article is written for everyone. it applys to all crowds.

8.yes, because he tells a story and personal experiance to help you make that connection. Also he backs it up with some evidence.


2.the author talks about his own expierances and the challenges homeless people or poor people face."Looking hard into the face of that poverty, you realize that many people can no longer afford to travel by air, train or car. Looking hard into the face of that poverty, you realize that authorities continuously harass poor folks for identification and don't care about their schedules. They can wait. They don't work, so why should we make an effort to serve them with efficiency and respect? If they get angry about this lack of respect, call the cops or call for back-up."