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Why Lead Scoring and Personas Need To Be Connected

Why Lead Scoring and Personas Need To Be Connected | Competitividade Profissional |

Lead Scoring and Personas have been hot topics in B2B marketing circles but the two are rarely connected. Most likely your personas can quickly be used to show gaps in your current lead scoring. Here are the things you need to look for.


Lead scoring and personas are popular topics in B2B marketing. However, the two are generally discussed separately.

Until B2B marketers begin talking about personas and lead scoring together they are missing an simple way to identify missed sales opportunities.


What if your objective is to deliver highly engaged leads to sales, but your persona indicates that sizable segments of your audience are not likely to engage with marketing content or even to register. Your lead scoring is excluding a valuable segment of your audience and you have the information you need to identify the issue!


Let’s look at lead scoring, personas, and the connection that needs to be made.


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3 Ways to Amplify Small-Business Marketing with Crowdsourcing

3 Ways to Amplify Small-Business Marketing with Crowdsourcing | Competitividade Profissional |
If you're looking to jump-start your marketing, consider enlisting your online fans.


Don’t have time or money to do all of the marketing you’d like? Why not get your customers, consultants, freelancers, experts, writers, and more to help you? That’s what crowdsourcing is, and it’s a great way to enhance small business marketing efforts. By tapping into the “crowd” (particularly the massive online crowd), you can jumpstart your social media and content marketing efforts, extend your brand reach, and amplify your messages through word-of-mouth marketing.


Crowdsourcing initiatives for marketing can be grouped into three distinct categories, which are described here along with easy ways to get the crowd involved so your messages spread wider and your brand and business grow faster.

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Lo mejor de mi, herramienta on-line para resaltar nuestros logros y capacidades personales.-

Lo mejor de mi, herramienta on-line para resaltar nuestros logros y capacidades personales.- | Competitividade Profissional |

El portal no se limita a dar consejos de terceros para que el usuario reciba y se aplique a sí mismo: en este caso es el propio usuario el que se hace “terapia” a través de sus propias experiencias, almacenando los datos en forma de biografía para resaltar los logros que ha conseguido y que crea que merezcan la pena subrallar o también almacenando toda aquella información que crea que pueda ser importante para conseguir futuros logros, ya que el sitio web se divide en tres secciones básicas: “Pasado”, “Presente” y “Futuro”.

Via Mauricio M. Escudero, Juan José Criado León
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Four “New Marketing” Skills You’d Better Learn Quick

Four “New Marketing” Skills You’d Better Learn Quick | Competitividade Profissional |

In just the past few weeks, I’ve talked to 5-6 marketing professionals who got out of the game years ago (to have kids, to travel, to try something different) and are now ready to get back into it. Most of them don’t recognize the marketing roles they’re now facing.


B2B marketing today has changed significantly. And whether you’ve been out of it for awhile, or want to make sure your skill set keeps up with what’s required for success now and in the future, here are four skills I recommend you learn quickly:

1. Funnel math and revenue performance management
The mindset you want, even as a marketer, is that your job depends on finding and closing business. It’s not enough to manage the trade show, send the direct mail, or even flood more leads to the sales team. You need to understand the economics of the full sales funnel – how many opportunities are required to generate a closed sale, and how many leads are required to find a qualified, short-term opportunity (for starters).


Next, knowing that today’s sales process is completely non-linear, you need to understand the fundamentals of lead nurturing and two-way lead and opportunity movement, including the metrics behind these dynamics for your unique market and industry.


Here’s a relatively simple mathematical model for understanding the lead-opportunity-sale math for your company. And for revenue performance management, I recommend reading up on best practices from Marketo and others whose business focuses on revenue-centric marketing.



2. Social lead generation and buying signal mining
If you’re worried about followers and likes, you’re doing it wrong. Focus instead on engagement, conversations, and driving an active, two-way discussion about the issues, needs and pain points your target customers care about most. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Your prospects are sharing their needs and buying signals on the social web every day. Your responsibility is to listen, look proactively for mentions of those keywords and buying signals, and become an information concierge to drive top-of-pipeline lead generation for your organization.


Technology and process drive value here, not media buying and budget. The social web is the greatest source of ongoing free leads ever seen. Are you taking advantage?


Here’s a best practice guide on social sales best practices, as well as a full (and free) resource on successful social selling.



3. SEO and inbound marketing fundamentals
The rules change (literally) daily, but it’s important to understand the fundamentals of what drives natural traffic, and how to create content that drives perpetual inbound interest for your products and services. If you understand (and read) nothing else, understand that the most important drivers of successful SEO and inbound marketing are 1) great content, and 2) inbound links that demonstrate others are validating your great content.


It’s worth reading content from SEOMoz, Content Marketing Institute and others who keep up on the daily changes of the technical aspects of SEO, but educate and enable “the rest of us” on how to cut through the clutter and drive value, traffic and conversions.



4. Lead management/nurture workflow development
Even if you aren’t using a marketing automation solution, your marketing strategy should reflect the reality that the majority of your prospects don’t convert (or move forward) right away, and that most of them need “nurturing” in advance of being ready to buy.


This isn’t about buying a marketing automation system. It’s about having a strategy that addresses how your customers buy, and enabling processes and tactics throughout your organization that address and empower your prospects where they are.


No matter how tightly you manage your sales process, your prospects will decide (independent of you) when they’re ready to buy. So your lead management and nurture strategy had better reflect that.


This isn’t to say that the “old” marketing focus areas and strategies aren’t relevant or don’t work. Because many are and do. But if you don’t have a working knowledge of the above four disciplines, it’ll be difficult to be a working marketer moving forward.

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Marketing Automation and Social Integration: Hand-in-Hand or Hand-to-Hand Combat?

Marketing Automation and Social Integration: Hand-in-Hand or Hand-to-Hand Combat? | Competitividade Profissional |

When it comes to social media, questions about its usefulness to B2B marketers rage on. Some say that not having a social presence hurts you more than having one helps you. Others believe it’s just a thing you MUST do, but that it doesn’t deliver tangible ROI. What’s for certain is that implementing social media into your marketing automation stirs up an entirely fresh set of questions. Will these two disciplines be friends on the playground or is The Force against them, like two magnets pushing your brand in two different directions? What we do know, though, is that if you are going to give your marketing automation programs a boost with social media, there are some best practices to follow:


Evaluate and strengthen current B2B marketing strategies. Social integration will not thrive as its own entity (or upgrade your entire marketing strategy) unless the overall strategic direction and fundamentals are in place. If you currently operate your brand’s Web and email campaigns – start there. Figure out how to best optimize the staple pieces before you entertain the idea of integrating social into the blend. Shift your content from its place on the sidelines to a place in the starting line-up. Content has become the center of successful marketing strategies. Beef up the content you have by making it succinct, interesting, and valuable. Do yourself and your customers a favor by actually giving them something every time they interact with your brand. Once your content is meaningful and takes its rightful place in the spotlight of your marketing efforts, make it easy to share. Use your social media as a way to direct eyeballs to your website and other content, and then use that content to buyers to learn more. Integrate social… where it actually makes an impact. If your marketing automation is queued up to pump content through social channels simply because you think you should, STOP now. What I mean is that you shouldn’t spend your time and resources on a guessing game. Instead, use social tools that reveal exactly how your target audience is consuming the content you’re sending their way. If you can use social as a way to improve lead scoring, pounce on the opportunity. If it can help measure buyer interaction, take advantage of it. Use social to boost the campaigns you are already running. Where social becomes truly powerful is when you use it to amplify all your campaigns. Instead of running social campaigns, use marketing automation to make every campaign social. Make it easy for the prospects and customers that respond to your campaign to authentically share your message with their friends and networks, and you’ll get a “social lift” on the campaigns you are already running – and by making those shares trackable you will be able to better attribute how social is impacting your funnel.


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