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Download Nimo TV on Top1apk

Download Nimo TV on Top1apk | Top1apk |

Nimo TV - one among many great streaming apps

Download and use it now for free from Top1apk ;)

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Top Hottest Sci-Fi Movies that You Won’t Want to Miss

Top Hottest Sci-Fi Movies that You Won’t Want to Miss | Top1apk |

Nowadays, sci-fi movies seem to be increasingly expansive genre - growing as the galaxy. Even when technology was all about a lensed metal tube to peer into the sky, these advances started to show our dreams of unreal things. Until now, since technology is becoming more and more advanced, movie developers even turn common things into sci-fi classics. Sci-fi movie fans now can enjoy their favorites whenever they want just with a strong Wi-fi connection. However, some may be new to the genre. That’s why we’ve compiled the top sci-fi classics on this list to make it easy for newcomers to get on well with the genre.

Come here to have a closer look


It may be a little bit difficult for all sci-fi movies to rank highly on this top list, and your favorite ones from the 80s may even not appear. You can find even some full-length science fiction movies here. We swear that all of the movies listed below will rank high on your taste. Let’s explore the world of successful spectacles with blended concepts, wonderful characters, and ground-breaking effects!


  1. Inception (2010)
    Dom Cobb is such a skillful thief, absolutely the best one in the serious art of extraction. He can steal valuable secrets from deep inside the subconscious through people’s dream state. The special ability has turned him into an obsessive player in the world of treacherous corporate espionage. However, he had to become an international fugitive and had to trade everything for his dangerous life.




Then, luckily, Cobb is offered a chance at redemption with the final job to save his life. He can do that but he must accomplish an almost impossible duty- Inception. This time, instead of a perfect heist, he will need to cooperate with other specialists in his team to do the opposite task. Their task is to plant new ideas into others’ minds. They must try them best to make a perfect crime complete. But, they don’t know that every little move of their plan is being predicted somewhere by a dangerous enemy. One that only Cobb can see is coming.


  1. Avatar (2009)

The unexpected robbery has stolen the life of marine Jake Sully’s beloved brother. The sadness and madness guided the paraplegic man to take a mission on the distant world of Pandora. However, there, the secret of the ambitious corporate figurehead, Parker Selfridge has been uncovered. They want to drive the native humanoid population called the "Na'vi" out of their lands so they can mine the precious material scattered throughout the fertile and rich area. The awesome visual effects will give you the feeling of being lost in a fantasy world.


The figurehead promised to pay for Jake’s leg surgery as if he could gather a strong army for the cooperating military unit headed by Colonel Quaritch. And, at the same time, Jake must attempt to infiltrate the local Na'vi people under the guise of an Avatar. One unexpected thing happened when he is trying to bond with the native tribe. He quickly fell in love with the beautiful local, Neytiri. However, at the same time, the restless Colonel moves forward with his ruthless extermination tactics to eliminate the whole tribe. Jake will have to decide to fight back for the fate of Pandora or to do things to gain the essential surgery. More secrets will be revealed!


Find out more at

3. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

The success of Terminator 1 seemed to inspire the creation of this second edition. In the first part of the iconic Terminator movie series, the Terminator attempted to kill Sarah Connor and her unborn son called John Connor. But, in this part, John Connor is now a healthy young man who will be the future leader of human beings. Wait, the story will not happen simply like that. John Connor will not comfortably grow up like this. Another Terminator named the T-1000 was sent back through the time machine which is more powerful and advanced than ever before. Danger awaits!


This time, the terminator will have to kill John Connor when he is still a cute little child. However, Sarah and his son won’t have to face the threat alone. They also receive the assistance of another Terminator who has come back through time. This one will protect the life of two people at all costs. Thanks to the attractive content and design, this incredible sci-fi movie never belongs to the list of underrated sci-fi movies. Let’s discover the myths of the battle for tomorrow!


  1. Mad Max 4: Fury Road (2015)

Sci-fi movies can now be found out easily on all free movie websites with different plots. When it comes to this engaging sci-fi movie, you will get a totally different experience than previous films in the saga. The skilled former policeman, Max is unluckily captured by the dangerous War Boys tribe. These people are under the control of the Immortal Joe who wants to bring Max as the blood donor for the sick Wat Boy Nux. Meanwhile, the Imperator, Furiosa takes control of driving a big tank truck to gather enough gasoline for Joe. But, wait, it is not her ultimate intention. She wants to bring five pregnant women to escape the tyrannical Joe’s empire in her big truck to come back her homeland.


See more at


Nux, Furiosa, Max, and the Immortal Joe began their endless hunt and chase. The intense battle happens in a sand storm, but both Max and Furiosa fight to the end. Finally, Max meets Furiosa and the two people try to operate the truck to get out of the cruel land. The truck comes with a secret that the two people will have to team up with each other to find out. Will both of them escape from Joe's gang? Actually, we will let it be a secret.


  1. Jurassic Park (1993)

If you are looking for a good start for sci-fi movies, Jurassic Park will be right for you. The movie has successfully won over 20 different awards including three Oscars for its unbelievable features. Jurassic Park opened an American sci-fi adventure based on the novel with the same title written by Michael Crichton published in 1990.


The fantastic movie is set in the beautifully fictional island namely Isla Nublar in the Pacific coast of Central America. In this place, the millionaire, John Hammond along with a horde of geneticists created a wildlife-based park with multiple types of dinosaurs. When the energy systems and security of the park are disabled, things start to go south. The park is filled up with the dangers and risks.  The visitors will have to find a way to survive as long as possible and escape the unsafe island. Have a look!


Take a look at a similar post here


Wrapping up:

All the sci-fi movies mentioned below are worth your time investment. They are sure to give you long hours of fun, laughter, anxiety and breathtaking moments. Make sure to watch all of them if you have time!


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Download our recommended apps below to block Youtube ads

Download our recommended apps below to block Youtube ads | Top1apk |

Too much advertising on YouTube will sometimes make you uncomfortable, often disrupting your emotions and you will raise a question: how to block YouTube ads? The following article will guide you how to turn off Youtube ads on Android phones.


Come check it out here to have more information


Cygery AdSkip


You can block YouTube ads for Android very effectively with an app called Cygery AdSkip. Follow the instructions below to install the app.

- Step 1: Visit our store, find and install Cygery AdSkip

- Step 2: After the installation is complete, open Cygery Adskip. Click on the permissions of the granting section

- Step 3: Move the control bar from left to right in the Cygery Adskip Service

- Step 4: Press on OK and the setup is complete!

With just 4 simple steps, you now can watch YouTube without any annoying ads. If you don’t want to use the feature, go to settings and turn it off.






If you are concerned about the security of installing Cygery AdSkip, then you can apply another way to block Youtube ads on Android that is OGYoutube. This is a full-featured app like the original Youtube app on your Android device, especially when you use it, won't be bothered by ads like the original Youtube.

- Step 1: Download and install OGYoutube

- Step 2: Go to Settings (or application manager)  find Youtube and press the Off button

- Step 3: When you want to use Youtube, just open OGYoutube and use it as normal.

Not only does it have an ad blocking feature when watching video clips, but OGYoutube also allows users to download video clips to their phones as well as allowing users to listen to music when turning off the screen on the phone.


See more at


SBRO Safe Browsing


This is a utility you should add to your browser. Not only does it block pop-ups on YouTube, but when you look at other websites, this utility also blocks malicious pop-up windows.

Click Download SBRO, then the browser will display a notification. Click Add add-on to install.

After the installation process is complete, go to Settings> Utilities. Click on the options section of the SBRO Safe Browsing utility, then a panel pops up, you select to activate the Pop - up and Pop - Under blocking feature. Finally click save to finish.


Find out more at


Adblock Plus

This is the most popular software that helps you block ads on YouTube with ease. Check the following steps:

Step 1: Open your browser, go to Settings> Utilities> Download more gadgets.

Step 2: Type Adblock Plus into the search bar on Google Chrome online store press Enter => add to Chrome.

Step 3: Confirm adding add-ons to the browser.

After the installation process is complete, notice that the Adblock Plus icon will appear in red in the browser.

Step 4: Finally, go to Youtube and click on the Adblock Plus icon to turn on the widget.


Take a look at a similar post here


Final words


We hope that after reading our article, you will have no troubles with ads appearing, while watching your favourite YouTube videos. Try our tips now and good luck!

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Download Gnula APK from Top1apk

Download Gnula APK from Top1apk | Top1apk |

Download Gnula APK for free from Top1apk 

Get this great movies app to your Android

Don't miss your chance ;)

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Download Showbox app online free - watch movies, TV and more

Download Showbox app online free - watch movies, TV and more | Top1apk |
Showbox is one of the world’s leading free media streaming entertainment apps for watching cinema blockbusters, TV shows and more. Get the popcorn out!
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Every movie fan, including you, certainly hates to be annoyed by ads while enjoying favorite movies and TV shows. Besides, many of you desire to enjoy them for free. So where can you find out a movie app like that? It is 100% sure that Showbow is the best choice for you.


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Download Yes Movies APK free now - watch movies online

Download Yes Movies APK free now - watch movies online | Top1apk |
Looking for something new to watch? Yes Movies APK has a selection of the biggest Hollywood titles, indie classic and world cinema. Start streaming now!
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Are you hunting for a movie app that takes you to get involved in the world of the hottest cinema blockbusters? I must say that Yesmovies was born to be for you. In other words, as a fan of movies, you cannot miss this awesome movie app.

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Download Hearthstone apk on Top1apk

Download Hearthstone apk on Top1apk | Top1apk |
Explore World of Warcraft Heroes card game
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Download Monopoly APK on Top1apk

Download Monopoly APK on Top1apk | Top1apk |
Find Out the World’s Best Board Game Here - Try Monopoly APK now!

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Download Tinder on Top1apk

Download Tinder on Top1apk | Top1apk |
Find someone special for you today with Tinder APK
 Download Tinder APK now for free on Top1apk

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Every morning

Every morning | Top1apk |

The hardest decision I have to make every morning

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Download Telegram APK free on Top1apk

Download Telegram APK free on Top1apk | Top1apk |
Explore Telegram Messenger apk - the fastest messaging app in the world

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Top1apk on IRC galleria

Top1apk on IRC galleria | Top1apk |

Come and see our posts on IRC galleria

Have a closer look at our apk store - top1apk here

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What Was That Old Cartoon Network Show With The Team Of Superheroes?

What Was That Old Cartoon Network Show With The Team Of Superheroes? | Top1apk |

What Was That Old Cartoon Network Show With The Team Of Superheroes, which almost all of kids of 90s are curious about? Keep on reading our post to see more!


Come here and read this article to gather more information


Almost no kids of 90s, both comic and non-comic fans alike, have grown up without being obsessed with the world of superheroes.

Do you want to see the heroes in action? Then you’re in the right place!

What Was That Old Cartoon Network Show With The Team Of Superheroes?

Here come some of the most memorable cartoon network shows with the team of superheroes of all time ...

X-Men Evolution (4 Seasons, 52 Episodes, from November 2000 to October 2003)

A story based on the group of individuals, each with their own superpower led by Charles Xavier, the X-Men Evolution was firstly introduced in 1992 and ran for five seasons with up to 76 episodes in total.

After the enormous success of the X-Men’s largely comics-faithful design in the '90s, Marvel Studios decided to go with a different approach when they brought their lovable band of mutants back in the first years of the 2000s.

And in the 2000s, it ran for 52 episodes across four seasons making it one of the longest-running animated television series of Marvel Comics.

The length of this series is the most obvious evidence for its success.

Instead of strictly following the source material, the X-Men Evolution creative team introduced brand new plot lines and storylines and shifted the focus towards other new characters.

That’s why X-Men Evolution is not only one of the best 2000s cartoon network shows but also the best X-Men cartoon! In this series, there are more well-established teenager characters than adults.

It is about the high school students in Xavier’s team dealing with the sentiment of natives or human bullies toward mutants while trying to control their superpowers.

Unfortunately, this incarnation ended where it seemed to lay the foundations for future plot lines with the heavy focus on Jean Grey.

X-Men: Evolution used to be aired on Cartoon Network every Saturday at 8:30 A.M. or 9.30.A.M. ET.


See more at

Teen Titans (5 Seasons, 65 Episodes, from July 2003 to September 2006)

After the series of the incredible success of other fictional superhero team-ups, DC decided to give its band of individuals an opportunity to prove that they are noteworthy as an excellent team of one-of-a-kind heroes.

Based on the teenage superhero team of the same name appearing in DC Comics, the Teen Titans heavily put its focus toward the likes of Robin who leads the way and Beast Boy, Starfire, Blackfire, Raven, as well as Cyborg.

The show following the Wolfman-Perez cast’s altered version from the DC Universe tells the stories about the main heroes together with the secondary adolescent characters dealing with uncountable criminals, the hardest foes, violence, and threats.

That way, it took the own issues of both the leader and his friends to the most noticeable part of the team’s drama.

All of these heroes devoted their lives on peace protection. Actually, they have no other life outside of being superheroes.

The New Teen Titans had a remarkable run of popularity during its run on Cartoon Network from the 19th July 2003 to the 15th September 2006 making it one of the best 2000 cartoon network shows.

Originally, the creative team behind the New Teen Titans targeted to impress viewers by its younger demographic.

But the unprecedented development of characters, deep storytelling tone, plot lines, and themes brought the appeal of the show beyond its anime-esque art style.


Find out more at

Wolverine and the X-Men (1 Season, 26 episodes, from January 2009 to November 2009)

Until now, the X-Men series has been through its fair share of five animated adaptations, and Wolverine and the X-Men is the fourth adaptation of the X-Men character in line for its shot.

The story of Wolverine and the X-Men was set in a period when the X-Men team have disbanded, and each of the mutants has gone his separate way due to the destruction of the X-Mansion.

It began with an argument between Wolverine and Rogue about his leave and continued with Wolverine’s journey to reunite the heavily fractured team to fight against the threat at the request of Xavier.

The member who always feels least attached to others in his team was forced to do so without the support of Charles Xavier - the team leader has just gone missing.

In spite of the great premise of this animated adaptation making it top of the old cartoon network shows list, Wolverine and the X-Men only ran for 26 episodes across one season.

The early cancellation of this American animated series was the result of Marvel Animation’s financial problems.


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Young Justice (2 Seasons, 46 Episodes, from November 2010 to March 2013)

When it comes to the list of old cartoon network shows, it is impossible to miss the Young Justice – the animated series made for Cartoon Network.

Even though the Young Justice’s spotlight did not last long, the animated series by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti has received a ton of compliments for its constant development of youthful heroes across a period and its smarter and more logical themes.

After the Young Justice’s 2nd season named Young Justice: Invasion was aired, the series, unfortunately, ended in spring 2013.



Justice League/Justice League Unlimited (3 Seasons, 39 Episodes, from July 2004 to May 2006)

DC Comics’ premiere superhero team - the Justice League Unlimited produced by Warner Bros needs almost no introduction.

The animated TV series tells stories about a large number of superheroes from the DC Comics Universe combatting numerous threats to protect the earth as new members of the Justice League superhero team.

It is one of the best classic cartoon network shows expanding its popularity to viewers of all ages.

If you are a lifelong fan of comics about superheroes, you cannot help falling in love with old cartoon network shows featuring them.

You want to watch them but have no idea which the best one is? Check out our recommendations above!


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What are the latest popular trends in Anime?

What are the latest popular trends in Anime? | Top1apk |

Meta: this article will discuss the latest trends in anime and their particular famous shows in each respective trend.


Come read this article for further information


With the rising popularity of manga and anime, each year there are always newly announced manga or a new anime shows based on the ongoing manga.

Anime is an excellent way to relive the moments from the manga comics, and you get to see your favorite characters in animation.

If you have not watched anime before or you want to find another good show to enjoy, it is a good idea to read through the most popular trends in anime recently.

It is a guarantee that you will find anime theme or topic that is worth spending the time watching. So let’s continue reading to see what has been up in the rising trend lately.



Top various popular trends in anime recently


There is no denying that this is a hot trend among the latest anime shows, right along with the movie industry.

The central theme of Post-Apocalyptic anime usually depicts the future of the earth, the current world or universe has become damaged beyond reparation. The human race has strived to survive on what is left on the planet.

The human race has to encounter a new harsh and tough life, staying safe from dangerous monsters and sometimes even themselves. While each show has different visions for what is the post doom and judgment day, the Post-Apocalyptic genre surely gains a lot of popularity within the modern viewers.

The commercial success anime shows like Attack On Titan has vividly depicted the life of the human race after being destroyed and has to fall back behind enormous castle wall to protect themselves from the flesh-eating giant (called the Titan on the show)

Made in Abyss another anime show that describes the life of a young girl who met a humanoid robot to traverse deep down into the giant abyssal hole to find her mother. Inside the darkness of the abyss is the long lost remnants of the demolished civilization.


See more at


The western-style superheroes anime also comes with heavy punches. These are the shows that usually features a lot of characters that have superpower beyond a normal human. They often have to face their counterparts, which are the supervillains.

Altogether, they will use the maximum of their magnificent power to fight against each other to take and protect what is precious to them.

First entry to talk about is My Hero Academia, which revolves around the world full of superpowers (call quirks in the anime show). What is not normal is that the main character is born without any superpower.

Therefore, The main character has dreamt of becoming the Hero in this world. By rescuing one of his best friends, he was awarded the superpower called One For All. Together with his friends that he meets along the journey, they have to defeat the powerful evil organization, which names themselves All Might, to stop their plan from overtaking the universe.

Another favorite superheroes anime show that features heavy comedy theme is One Punch Man, which follows the life of the main superheroes character that can destroy every opponent with a single punch.

The show has gained a significant popularity thanks to its hilarity focus, while introduces a lot of different well-developed character that fit in well with the superhero theme.


Find out more at

Gaming theme

The geek's culture also shows a dominant rise among the anime theme. As video game continues to be popular among the young, anime picks up this trend and turns it into an amazing fan service for those that love these two mediums of art.

Sword Art Online is the must watch if you are into this genre of anime. The shows start on the world in the far future, when a massively multiplayer game is released with virtual reality feature.

The player can use a helmet to connect their senses to the virtual world and can control the body of their character in the game.

The main character is stuck within this virtual world along with other players and cannot get out. Their primary objective is to beat 100 levels and defeat the final boss to escape this world. The only problem is that they if they die in this world it will also result in death in real life.

No Game No Life is another famous anime show that revolves around gaming in general. The main plot follows the adventure of two step-siblings that are famous and undefeated in the online gaming world.

They get an invitation to the virtual world of Disboard, where they have to play in a series of different types of games with unique play rules. They are the only representatives of the human race and have to face directly against other challengers of the other species.

If they can win against these challengers, they can conquer these species and gain a favor point to challenge the final boss of the Disboard world.

There are in total 16 different species to conquer; each can only be encountered after successful won matches. As of the current standing of the show, both siblings have only encountered five races while traversing the virtual Disboard universe.


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Final notes

These are the most popular anime theme recently for you to enjoy. Each of these anime shows can contain up to hundreds of episodes. So it depends on your consumption rate, you can enjoy them in a couple of months.

Also, it is important to remember that anime usually lags behind the manga a few arcs. This is the standard production between the manga and its anime adaptation.

So do not forget to check out the manga of your favorite anime show if you do not want to wait for the release of the next anime episode.

You can always return to watch the same anime show afterward. This way you can enjoy both the story and the spectacular animation from the same favorite manga.

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Tips and Tricks to Make the Most out of Chrome

Tips and Tricks to Make the Most out of Chrome | Top1apk |

Chrome has been a familiar web browser to all of us. But are you certain that you know everything about it? Keep reading to find out some amazing tips to make the most out of Chrome!


Check out more information about this here


Chrome has been officially launched on the Android platform a few years ago and it has become a popular web browser of many users. With a simple interface, we all can get used to it after just a short period of time.

However, there are many amazing features that you may not know. They are either unadvertised or hidden behind some other features.

This article is to gather some tips and tricks an Android user should know when using Chrome.

Tab Switcher

It is common that Chrome users open many different tabs at a time. So, how do we switch between tabs in the most efficient way?

You will see all the tabs when using a tablet, however, it does not show up the same way when you are online using a smartphone. This makes it quite hard to switch between tabs.

A simple way to do so is to type to the Accessibility Tab Switcher into the address bar, tab “Enter” to enable the Accessibility Tab Switcher. From now, you will see a bunch of tab names when tabbing the button. It is much easier to close tabs, too.



Copy the URL

When reading something interesting or hilarious, we may want to share the URL with friends so that they can read what we are reading. So we copy the URL and send it. There are a few ways to do so:

  • Tap the Chrome menu and go to “Share”, then go for “Copy to clipboard”
  • Directly tap the URL on the bar and long-press to copy the URL

Usually, I go for the latter way as it is much faster and easier. By long-pressing, you can also cut or share the URL directly via some certain platforms.

Save Web pages as PDFs

The next Chrome tips for Android user I want to show you is how to save web pages in the form of PDFs. In some cases, the Wifi connection is not available and we may want to catch up with the article we have left in the middle a few hours ago. How do we deal with this situation?

Chrome allows users to save web pages for offline reading using the Chrome Download feature. Specifically, it will save web pages with the full format to your phone so you can read it easier without the Wifi connection.


See more at


In order to save a webpage in the form of PDF, you should go to the Chrome menu. Choose Share and Print on the dialog box. Then select a printer and Save as PDF.

Side note: if you have an SD card on your phone, you would have to choose a location to save.

You can open the PDF file using Google Drive, Adobe Acrobat or any other app that can read PDF files. These files can also be easily uploaded to a cloud account for storing.

Stay on Reader Mode

This is one of my favorite tips for Android phone users at this point. It is common that websites are loaded with tons of ads and banners. It can cause a huge sense of distraction and inconvenience to read the content.

Thankfully, Chrome’s Reader Mode allows us to completely get rid of it. Basically, it will strip everything off the webpage except the content. This feature is perfect for those who find ads and banners are extremely disturbing.


Find out more at


To go to reader mode, you will go to the flag screen and search for Reader Mode Triggering. You can change it to “Always” if you want to stay in Reader Mode every time. No more distractions caused by ads, banners, and popups anymore.

Find What You Need

Chrome has many hidden features that we might not have heard of before. One of which is the ability to scan a page for a specific term effortlessly. All you do is to open the main menu and go to “Find in page”, just type what you are looking for and hit the arrow at the top of the screen.

Simply slide down to rapidly move through the page. In doing so, you can search for the particular term that has been pondering in your mind.

Zoom by One Hand

Many of us tend to use smartphones with just one hand. In order to make it easy for us to zoom in, Chrome has developed a clever method to magnify the screen.

First of all, you can easily zoom in by double-tapping on a specific part of the screen. Likewise, you can double-tap again to zoom back out.

Or, you can double tab, leave your finger down, drag down to zoom in or zoom out. Everything can be done with just a single hand. Not to mention it works like yoga for your fingers, which is kind of fun.

Side note: this advanced zooming method will not work in all types of web pages. Once a website is optimized for mobile users, it will be hard to zoom this way. These zooming tips for Android users would be best used when you are watching the desktop version.


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Final Words…

Above are some Android tips and tricks that help you save time while surfing the Internet. Apart from some convenient features, it offers, in some cases, Chrome makes it time-consuming for users to perform some simple actions.

Hopefully, with these tricks, you are able to use Chrome in a much more efficient manner, making the journey more productive and pleasant. When mobile browsing gets more and more popular, it is these tips that help your life become a whole lot simpler.

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Download KissAnime apk - Watch Anime TV Shows Online Free

Download KissAnime apk - Watch Anime TV Shows Online Free | Top1apk |
Download KissAnime apk to watch your favourite anime TV shows online for free. Have a collection of anime shows in the palm of your hand at all times.
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Are you a fan of anime? Do you want to explore a huge collection of anime TV shows and movies right on your Android phone? It can be said that nothing is better than Kissanime. Download and try it right now!

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The strongest hero of MARVEL

The strongest hero of MARVEL | Top1apk |

MARVEL's heroes fusion be like xD The strongest hero ever :D

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VSCO apk free on Top1apk

VSCO apk free on Top1apk | Top1apk |
Experience VSCO right now - the best camera and photo editing app
 Download VSCO now for free on Top1apk

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Download JKanime APK on Top1apk

Download JKanime APK on Top1apk | Top1apk |
Watch a stunning library of anime movies for free with JKAnime
 Download JK anime for free on Top1apk
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Download Google Account Manager APK on Top1apk

Download Google Account Manager APK on Top1apk | Top1apk |

Google Account Manager - A Powerful Tool For Bypassing FRP Download now for free on Top1apk - the best apk downloader 

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Top1apk on Deviantart

Top1apk on Deviantart | Top1apk |

Come and join us on Deviantart

Find out what Top1apk can do for you here

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Minecraft's Tutorial on Top1apk

Minecraft's Tutorial on Top1apk | Top1apk |
The Beginner’s How-To Guide for Making Things in Minecraft
Check out the guide to craft items in Minecraft on Top1apk

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Top1apk on Slashdot

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