Science: Nonlegumes Respond to Rhizobial Nod Factors by Suppressing the Innate Immune Response (2013) | plant pathogene interaction |

Virtually since the discovery of nitrogen fixing Rhizobium-legume symbioses, researchers have dreamed of transferring this capability into nonlegume crop species (e.g., corn). It has been generally assumed that nonlegumes lack the ability to respond to the rhizobial lipo-chitin Nod factors, which are the essential signal molecules that trigger legume nodulation. However, our data indicate that Arabidopsis thaliana, as well as other nonlegume plants, do indeed recognize the rhizobial Nod factor via a mechanism that results in strong suppression of microbe-associated molecular pattern (MAMP)–triggered immunity. The mechanism of action leads to reduced levels of pattern recognition receptors on the plasma membrane involved in MAMP recognition.

Via Kamoun Lab @ TSL