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New Study Reveals Downside to Growth in IT Budgets – Growth in Waste

New Study Reveals Downside to Growth in IT Budgets – Growth in Waste | Planing- IMC |
Rise in unused software – shelfware – suggests companies are mismanaging their IT investments (New Study Reveals Downside to Growth in IT Budgets - Growth in Waste
Finn Mclaren's insight:

This article is talking about a very interesting topic, which is a very real problem in today’s current technological climate. The topic of wastage of software and other technology based equipment businesses use. It is an increasing issue as the article states because of the pace new Tec is being developed, so companies keep updating as to not be behind the eight ball. However these companies do not realise it may be more harm than good, as there old and not fully optimized, now shelfware is racking up costs often more than the advantages received from upgrading. I think for lager companies who have a reasonable amount of technology,  ie computers and online software, but aren’t in that industry should have a full time IT staff member to combating this exact problem. The main resin for this is because the majority of these companies don’t even have the tools to measure there loses from shelfware so defiantly don’t have a way of combating it.

Rohan Berry's comment, April 9, 2013 2:15 AM
What you said Finn is definitely agreeable. Because these companies lack in appropriate tools to measure loss they are suffering from shelfware, having an IT member to combat this problem would save them a lot of money. Not only are these companies wasting money, they are wasting efficiency benefits that software implements, by inflating shelfware.
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Objectives, Measurement and Program Planning

Objectives, Measurement and Program Planning | Planing- IMC |
Five Helpful Hints to Jumpstart Your '11 Marcom Success This is "Annual Plan" season for many companies and so the next few blogs will focus on the brand and marketing communications planning proce...

Via Paula Hudson
Finn Mclaren's insight:

This article is about getting back to the basics of creating and effective marketing communication plan for the year. They suggest using the SMART goals approach, which is a method that helps you clearly define what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve and within a set time line. To me this seems rather simple and straight forward as I have been taught this method since primary school, however this article suggests that many businesses do not get the basics right when planning for the year resulting in failure. 

Max Downing-Webb's comment, August 22, 2013 3:54 AM
It's nice to see the SMART goals theory applied outside of the academic world. Good article Nona, this article is a great reminder to rethink and refine the objectives that make up a marketing program. Measuring success is a bit of a tricky one for marketers as there are so many variables which affect sales. Creating objectives with success standards and measures established at the same time is the best way to go about it, hence why the SMART framework is a very useful reminder here.
Victoria Clark's curator insight, September 15, 2013 11:40 PM

SMART is a set of objectives that if followed through can aid businesses and brands in getting where they want to go. Throughout this article these objectives are discussed so businesses and brands can work to creating objectives that are effective for a successful program to be able to begin. In businesses and brands, having SMART objectives are critical as they can cause either the up or the downfall of said business or brand. The use of SMART objectives leads to an evaluation and measurement of the success of a business or brands success. This article is very helpful and informative as it sets out what is needed, in the basic format, to achieve a great program and success.

Danielle Petersen's comment, September 26, 2013 8:06 AM
@Lily, I like how you gave the little examples of the SMART goals, putting it into perspective a little more. I agree that there is great value in adding the SMART goals into all aspects of a business, no matter what it may be as they are so easily adaptable to every and any business.