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String Theory vs Relativity Theory

This sort of descriptions look to appear from the land among severe theoretical physics and bare esotericism. The early eighties, the string thought has presently been produced, it is nevertheless an unproven principle, nothing at all a lot more. But that could shortly modify. In the U.S. journal "Actual physical Assessment Letters" (No. 98, Vol 5, 051301) Shiu and his colleague Bret Underwood revealed a submit with the pluck to talk at the idea of string principle: They created a path just before, tracked with the added dimensions and their styles can be illustrated through personal computer simulation. To do so, Gary Shiu, the cosmic clock, nonetheless, change again really significantly - and up to the time when the planet just 10-43 seconds outdated (Planck time) and only 10-35 toes tall (Planck duration) was. Since just before the room in the so-referred to as inflationary period inside of a Quintillionstel (a amount with 30 zeros) next 1029aufblähte with amazing electrical power by the gigantic element, cavorting in him could have other dimensions: what string theorists predict - and needs to track down Shiu. Time to research for added dimensions "Our thought was to go again in time and see what actually took place again then was," Shiu advised SPIEGEL On the internet. A lot more than 13.3 billion a long time into the earlier, the historian of the universe can not forget about, nonetheless, as only this time the universe was great adequate to create atoms, and hence gentle. In 2003, the NASA probe "Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe" (WMAP) shot a 360-degree map of the microwave qualifications radiation that is remaining from that time - a fingerprint of the Huge Bang. It is the oldest and sharpest impression from prehistoric instances our universe in which significantly details is frozen. In which, if not listed here, even references to the existence of further dimensions must be incorporated? Ultimately, was the impact of the six little dimensions right away right after the huge bang the largest - and could have an effect on the quantifiable for the folks of the mass distribution in the universe. "Just as the shadow offers a clue to the condition of an object, the pattern of cosmic rays can in the condition of the other six dimensions level," claims Shiu. But which traces the WMAP Panoramic they must search? The researchers experimented with two distinct varieties of mathematically straightforward geometries. How would these dimensions have an effect on the vitality distribution in room? She visualized on a personal computer card. Then, when comparing the fictional map with the WMAP unique Shiu and Underwood identified tiny but considerable distinctions. On the personal computer-created representation, these are in the kind of tiny, patch-like shades, which level to a really distinct temperature and vitality distribution. With far better resolution: Shadow of added dimensions Right after the two experts give these particular radiation pattern very clear indications of the geometry of the six-dimensional condition. "Our final results present that the geometry of hidden dimensions can be decrypted by the styles of cosmic vitality," claims Shiu. "This is a unusual possibility to examination string principle." But researchers want to finer info than individuals of the WMAP measurements. Now they hope the new very sensitive Esa Room Telescope "Planck", which can detect temperature distinctions of even a five-millionths of a degree Celsius. "'Planck' will be capable to measure the cosmic qualifications radiation with remarkable precision," claims Shiu. "Until finally not too long ago, hidden dimensions have been nevertheless deemed to be entirely inaccessible. Now but there are presently numerous tips and eventualities, how they can be tracked." "On the principle of Shiu and Underwood one thing may well be off," the Munich astrophysicist Harald Lesch advised SPIEGEL On the internet. "It really is just only the issue of the extent to which the spatial qualities are reflected in the cosmic qualifications radiation, when the universe was only 10-35Meter excellent." Commencing up coming 12 months, this issue could be answered. Then the very sensitive probe is released into room - and the string principle ultimately arrives on the cosmic examination.

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Loop quantum gravity theory now applied to black holes: no singularity at center but portal to other universes

Loop quantum gravity theory now applied to black holes: no singularity at center but portal to other universes | PHYSICS |

Physicists Rodolfo Gambini and Jorge Pullin of University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Louisiana State University respectively, have applied the theory of Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) to a simplified black hole. In so doing, as they describe in their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, they suggest that instead of a singularity existing at its center, there is a portal to another universe.

For many years theoretical physicists have believed that the universe came about as a result of a single Big Bang event—Einstein's theories suggested it was so. The problem with this line of thinking however, is that the theory of general relativity can't describe what came before the singularity, which should exist at the point in time just before the Big Bang. Theory also suggests that a similar singularity should exist at the center of black holes, but again, general relativity fails to describe them properly. Worse, there is the problem of the information loss paradox—if something falls into a black hole and is eventually squeezed to a singularity, what happens to the information it contained? Big Bang physicists can't say.

To address these problems, Abhay Ashtekar and his team at Pennsylvania State University, back in 2006, came up with a theory known as loop quantum gravity. They suggested that instead of a singularity existing just before the Big Bang, there was the remains of a crunched down universe that had existed prior to the one that exists now. The universe didn't just Big Bang itself into existence from nothing, they said, instead there is an infinite loop where a universe shrinks down to a very tiny spot, then explodes in a Big Bang, then shrinks down again, over and over again forever—hence the use of the term "loop" in the theory. Since that time, some in the field have begun to refer to the theory as the Big Bounce, to replace the name Big Bang.


In this new effort Gambini and Pullin applied LQG to a simplified model of a black hole. Their experiment showed that everything that was pulled into the black hole didn't compress to a singularity after all—instead it was compressed to a certain small size, then was spit out in another part of the universe or into another universe entirely.


Because their model worked so well, the two suggest that it would likely work with real black holes as well. If this new theory is correct, they note, it would do away with the information loss paradox and open the door to the possibility of black holes being portals to other universes.

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Nuclear Physics Conference in Florence - (press release)

Nuclear Physics Conference in Florence (press release)
Some 800 scientists from 50 countries will meet for the 25th International Nuclear Physics Conference.
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