Alert: Social Media Is Eating Into Carrier Revenues, And It's Only ... | phones |

1. the social media eating into society.

2. they give me facts on how facebook and twitter are offered on smart phones to make their buiseness stronger and add more and more people every day.

3. social netwroks are eatimg at peoples social and work life it is takimg over.

4. no but he does state that it is all getting worse and peopke are going to function diffrently in the years to come.

6. that facebook and twitter arent the best thing to do on free time and it will eventually eat up all your time and you will have no study time or family friend time.

7.its for a reader that is addicted to all these sights they need tosee that it will ruin them for the good if they dont calm it down.

8.yes, the facebook and twitter usage on smart phones have increased it increases there bill and will ruin everything eventually.