PatientsLikeMe Launches New Services That Make Patients Partners in Medical Research | PatientsLikeMe | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

PatientsLikeMe has unveiled a suite of services for pharmaceutical companies that allows them to collaborate with patients on the design of clinical trials and other research.

The new services were launched as results from a March 2014 survey of PatientsLikeMe members reveal just how broken the trial process is, and how eager patients are to help fix it. Members were asked about their attitudes toward, experiences with and criteria for participating in clinical trials. Of 1,621 survey respondents:

  • One out of three (31%) reported having previously been invited to learn about a clinical trial, and 62% of that group participated in one.
  • Of those participating in a trial, one in five (20%) were “slightly” or “not at all” satisfied with their experience.
  • An overwhelming majority (93%) said they would be willing to help researchers design better trials.
  • Regarding future participation, 88% said they would like to learn more about clinical trials, while 80% indicated they would like to take part in a trial within the next 12 months.

PatientsLikeMe announced three services at DIA:

  • Trial Access, which allows pharmaceutical companies to develop and deploy custom research programs that gather meaningful data and feedback on the design of their clinical trials. Trial Access also includes review of an expanding repository of patient opinions and attitudes about participating in clinical trials. Once the trial protocol is finalized, companies can run outreach and referral programs to raise awareness and recruit for their trial among PatientsLikeMe’s members, a highly effective service that PatientsLikeMe’s top pharmaceutical clients have used since 2008.
  • Community Access, which pairs researchers with PatientsLikeMe scientists and patient engagement experts to build open, online registries for research to gain insights from patient-reported data that can be shared across the organization.
  • Access Services, which allows companies to quickly collect and analyze real world data to generate statistically robust and scientifically credible patient outcome research, and determine the impact of new wearable and consumer-oriented health devices and sensors on clinical development and commercialization.