Is "Patient-Centric" Just Another Pharma Marketing Buzzword? | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

[According to Zoe Dunn], There are certain catchphrases that float around the pharmaceutical marketing community that become the “term du jour.” NPP (non-personal promotion) is one that immediately comes to mind. It's typically defined as anything delivered to the physician that doesn't go through the rep. But really, don't we want all of our communications to be personal?

My recent favorite [says Zoe]: When brands and companies say their focus is on being “patient-centric.” But what does that really mean? That you're no longer going to sell to physicians, but rather to patients? Or that you're going to make patients' needs the priority over healthcare professionals' needs? Or that your focus is no longer going to be on what your brand's needs are (to sell more product) but rather what patients' needs are (to get well)? For argument's sake, let's just go with the latter.

What do you think would happen if every pharmaceutical company suddenly decided to shift their top priority from selling product to patients to something like “helping patients (in their key therapeutic category) be healthier”?

If “patient-centric” continues to be focused on meeting the brand's needs to sell more product, we will continue to fool ourselves that we are delivering what the patient needs. We need clarity around our focus and better understanding of patient needs, even when they diverge from what we are tasked to deliver. We need creativity and innovation to bridge the gap between what pharma wants to achieve and the needs of the patients it serves.