Running effective webchats | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |
Best practice
  1. Always aim to host the webchat on an independent website: for example a charity, patient group or other relevant organisation. This adds more credibility to the event.
  2. Plan a webchat at least two weeks in advance, in order to promote the event to as many people as possible and ensure there is adequate support for you on the day.
  3. Encourage people to submit questions in advance and have some answers prepared, to publish as soon as the web chat starts.
  4. Aim to answer as many live questions as possible in the allotted time.
  5. Answer questions directly and succinctly (one or two sentences should be enough).
  6. Provide links for further information before and during the chat
  7. Respond to questions in the order in which you receive them.
  8. If two or more questions are broadly the same, it is acceptable to refer the participant to an earlier answer i.e. ‘please see my response to [name here]’.
  9. Tell participants how they can contact you again after the chat