Trumpcare is a Disaster in the Making! | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

The Congressional Budget Office released its much-anticipated report on the stakes of the American Health Care Act. Here's your rundown of the projected impact:


  • An estimated 14 million Americans would lose insurance by 2018-19 under the new plan.
  • By 2026, 24 million more would be uninsured after significant changes to Medicaid. That would drive the total number of Americans expected to be living without health insurance up to 52 million by 2026, compared to 28 million under Obamacare. 
  • Federal spending in Medicaid would fall by $880 billion by 2026, with a projected 14 million fewer people enrolled in the program than if Obamacare stayed in place.
  • Cuts to federal Planned Parenthood funding would mean 15 percent of people who “would probably reside in areas without other health care clinics or medical practitioners would lose access to care."