Celebrities + Social Media: Balancing Benefits and Risks | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News | Scoop.it

This article focuses on the risks and benefits of using celebrities and social media to promote pharma brands and proposes that it may be time for the pharma industry to disclose the details of payments made to celebrities as they now are required to do for physician payments.

Topics (partial list):

  • Paula Deen & Victoza: Brilliant or Dumb?
  • Mickelson's Enbrel Shill Audition
  • The Kardashian Kerfuffle
  • Fast Acting FDA!
  • Corrective Social Media Messages
  • The ROI of Social Media
  • It's Time For Celebrity Payment "Sunshine"
  • Chart: The Pharma Social Media Hype Cycle
  • Chart: Pharma Paid Celebrity Best Practices Survey Results

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