Big #Pharma Should Secede From PhRMA, Says @John_LaMattina | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

PhRMA has just launched a major new ad campaign, called “Go Boldly” (read “PhRMA's Dark Inspirational Video Starts a 6-Month Offensive: ‘Less Hoodies, More White Coats’").


“I sincerely hope this is successful and that it helps the industry’s image,” says John LaMattina (@John_LaMattina) former president of Pfizer Global R&D, writing in Forbes. “That will benefit everyone. However, I cannot help but wonder if the interests of the big companies would be better served if they split from PhRMA. A group of 12-14 companies would be far more likely to come to policy decisions and act as one on things like price increases, common practices for the publication of drug trials results, joint efforts on drugs for diseases of the undeveloped world, precompetitive data sharing, etc. Such actions would not only benefit large companies but would help to move the needle on improving the industry’s reputation.


“The formation of a new association would go a long way to create a separate identity for the truly big pharma companies. CEOs like Ken Frazier will readily be able to point out to the world who big pharma really is. It would also bring accountability to the industry and demonstrate its commitment to not just being successful–but also doing good.”