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Doctors Say Most Pharma Sales Details Are "Stale" 

Doctors Say Most Pharma Sales Details Are "Stale"  | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

Despite the pharma sales force making great strides towards “digitizing the field” with tablets and other technologies – a new study from DRG Digital’s Manhattan Research finds that the content reps are showing in details is often old news. Physicians who see sales reps say that over half of the time (51%), the reps show them information they have already seen through their own research or in previous meetings.


The ePharma Physician® study of 1,814 U.S. practicing physicians across 25 specialties found several key missed opportunities in the field.


Details are not evolving in step with physicians’ reliance on digital for info:

  • The “stale detail” phenomenon is even more prominent among certain specialties. For example, medical oncologists who see reps say that 68% of the time, their reps show them info they’ve already seen, and dermatologists say the same of 62% of details.
  • Today’s physicians are now adept at finding clinical info online, as they need it – and reps that focus too much time on basic product and promotional info risk boring them with info they already knew. 74% of physicians use search engines weekly or more, and 52% use pharma digital resources regularly, with product-related info being the most accessed website resource.
  • Reps must evolve their details to stay relevant and provide utility to docs, and showing non-promotional resources on tablets can help. 63% of physicians agreed that in-person meetings with sales reps are more valuable when resources not related to the product are shown.
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"One-Click Rule" Also Won't Work for Print Sales Aids Says FDA. Baaa!

"One-Click Rule" Also Won't Work for Print Sales Aids Says FDA. Baaa! | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

According to a report by Alexander Gaffney in Regulatory Focus, FDA's Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) issued an "unusual" warning letter to New Jersey-based Sciecure Pharma.

The letter took issue with the company's sales material promoting Doral (quazepam), a drug approved by FDA for the treatment of insomnia. 

The letter (find it here) cited several problems, including Omission of Risk Information, Unsubstantiated Superiority Claims, Omission of Material Facts, and Failure to Submit Under Form FDA-2253.

None of these is that "unusual" for problems cited in so-called "Notice of Violation" (NOV) letters. For example, 43% of such letters cite omission of risk information, and another 43% cite overstated efficacy, unsubstantiated superiority claims, and broaden indication (for more on that, read "Do TV DTC Ads Overstate Rx Drug Risks?").

Under "Unsubstantiated Superiority Claims" the FDA humorously refers to the "Image of a single white sheep among a group of four black sheep" on the sales aid cover (see image). More on the agency that designed this sales aid later.

It wasn't the sheep reference that made this letter "unusual" in Alex's eyes. So what did Alex find so unusual about the Doral letter?

Pharma Guy's insight:

Remember "The Girl from Google"? A classic!

Joel Finkle's curator insight, November 25, 2014 10:39 AM

Entertaining article on Advertising regulations from FDA, and an attempted hijacking of online ad rules for print materials (it didn't fly).