Healthcare Agency Recruitment: A New Breed, Yes, But Still Little Race Diversity | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

What do healthcare agencies really want when it comes to potential employees The answer to that question is in a constant state of flux, as technologies, clients changing demands and the everexpanding skill sets of a new generation of job seekers are transforming the rules of recruitment and hiring.

Maybe it's reductive to bunch Daryl Somma, Shwen Gwee and Nathan Stewart under a single heading. Beyond being exceedingly good at their jobs, the three have only a single thing in common—namely, that in terms of professional background, they have nothing in common, with each other or the great majority of their agency peers. Yet that's what makes them comrades of a kind and flag-bearers for the New Breed, for the type of employee whose unusual mix of ability, acumen and personality is prompting agency HR folks to rethink what they look for in a job candidate.