More Pharma Marketing “Pirates” Needed, Says Rich Meyer | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

Rich says: In the era of super blockbusters pharma became addicted to super brands. The industry slowly transformed from healthcare to a dollars and cents business. I’m not naive to believe that pharma has to make profit, but when patients are going bankrupt paying for expensive cancer therapy co-pays something is wrong. When MS patients are stuck fighting the “system” to get the drugs they need something is very wrong and when pharma CEO’s take home tens of millions of dollars in pay while some employees work 12-14 hour days to try and make a difference the organization is in deep trouble.


So the question becomes “what are you prepared to do?”


What I hear, more and more, is that marketing teams are being downsized and that too many bureaucratic barriers remain in place to transform the organization from old models of DTC to digital centric patient marketing. When you think of how patients “get lost” in the system and need help the reluctance of pharma to invest in digital is even more puzzling.


Steve Jobs said that” it’s more fun to be a pirate” and he was right. We need more pirates in the industry who are willing to blow up current business models and prepare the organization for the future. There has never been a better time to challenge the status quo because the rewards of seeing a patient smile are worth the risks