Pharma Payments to HCPs Topped $8 Billion in 2016. Allergan & Celgene Paid Out the Most! | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

Payments from drug and device companies to physicians and teaching hospitals hit more than $8 billion in 2016 according to Open Payments data recently released by CMS.

All told, nearly 631,000 physicians and approximately 1,146 teaching hospitals received $8.18 billion in payments and ownership and investment interests in 2016, according to tallies compiled by the CMS. Last year's total was $7.52 billion.

About half of the overall payments were for research and $2.7 billion were in payments not related to research. A little more than $1 billion stemmed from ownership or investment interests.

Of the largest pharmaceutical companies, Allergan paid out the most in 2016 with $66 million in total payments. Dr. George Patrick Maxwell, a plastic surgeon in Nashville, is listed as the highest payment recipient from Allergan, with $4.6 million.

Celgene was the second-highest spender with a total of $54 million in payments last year. Of its recipients, Boston oncologist Dr. Kenneth C. Anderson a took in the most, with $1.9 million.