Omega3 drugs Recruit Pawn Stars & Fish for DTC Campaigns | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |
Celebrity endorsement, copay cards and online edutainment are some of the ways marketers are dueling for attention in the prescription omega3 space.

Amarin is poised to announce a celebrity tie-in with cable-TV star Rick Harrison (host of the showPawn Stars) as part of an integrated campaign to boost awareness of its one-year-old Vascepa brand. And AstraZeneca, whose prescription omega-3 drug Epanova is a relative newcomer, recently launched an unbranded, digital edutainment effort. 

Amarin's partnership with Harrison, who was diagnosed with the condition, works the correlation between knowing trig-treatment facts and not being hoodwinked in his own pawn shop.

“If I hadn't checked with my doctor, I would have made the mistake many make, thinking dietary supplement omega-3s are actually over-the-counter drugs,” Harrison says in a video on the related site, adding that Pawn Stars teaches that “knowing what's valuable and authentic is important to success.” 

Meanwhile, in a campaign that takes its cue from the aquatic theme of DTC advertising done by GlaxoSmithKline's Lovaza—but also departs from it—AZ posted three videos as part of an unbranded consumer effort called “Take it From a Fish.” The videos, dubbed “Love,” “Diet” and “Tri,” take the viewer into the seafood section of the grocery store as two talking fish carry on a casual conversation about healthy eating habits.