Hot Flash Bogus Science: When Hot Flashes Aren't Treated, It Costs the Economy $Millions | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

Women who experience hot flashes and let them go untreated may be costing the economy hundreds of millions of dollars, according to a recent study published online in Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society.

The study looked at health insurance records of more than 500,000 women who worked for Fortune 500 companies between 1999 and 2011. Out of the total sampling, about half of the women experienced vasomotor symptoms, also known as hot flashes, while the other half did not have hot flashes.

The study’s authors looked at the women’s records over a 12-month period. Within the 12 months, the women who had hot flashes had 1.5 million more health care visits than the women without hot flashes.

“The main takeaway is that untreated hot flashes results in a significantly higher frequency of patient visits,” said Dr. Philip Sarrel, a co-author of the study and professor emeritus of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at the Yale School of Medicine.