Four Approaches to Lung Cancer Disease Awareness Marketing | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

Lung cancer sure seems to receive short shrift within oncology. It claims more lives every year than breast, prostate, and colon cancer combined, yet somehow isn't perceived as life-threatening or “bad” as those other diseases.


As witnessed by the very existence of the following campaigns, that's in the process of changing. Each of the approaches is valid and more ambitious than a great majority of the campaigns that preceded them. Here's why they work — and why they matter.


#1: Merck: Focuses on the science in Test. Talk. Take Action. The awareness campaign is designed to call attention to treatment options for non-small cell lung cancer.


#2: Novartis: Novartis provides the easiest to comprehend immuno-oncology primer to date in Harnessing the Science of Immuno-oncology at Novartis. No, this explainer video isn't specific to lung cancer, but it approaches its mission by employing the widest of wide-tent tactics — cartoons and euphonic narration.


#3: Free to Breathe (many pharma corporate partners): Flip to Breathe comes across a bit too similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, plus the how-to video isn't as clever as its creators might think.


#4: Astrazeneca: Tell some stories. The stories land with more impact when they're told by people with skin in the game. [Meanwhile, “Merck’s New Keytruda DTC Ad is a ‘TRU Story’ Told by a Fake Patient (Actor)”;