Novartis CEO Worries About the Market for New Drugs in U.S. After Obamacare is Repealed | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

Donald Trump's policies could be good for the economy but Obamacare should be replaced if it's repealed, the CEO of drug giant Novartis told CNBC on Tuesday.


Joseph Jimenez played down some of the negative comments that President-elect has made towards large pharma firms. Trump accused the drug industry earlier this month of "getting away with murder" (read “Trump's Comments Are Big Pharma's Nightmare”;


But Jimenez said that some of Trump's policies could benefit industry.


"Some of the policies that could reignite the economy in the U.S. would be good for this industry and it would be good for jobs."


Jimenez urged the Trump administration to consider a replacement for Obamacare.


"What's important to us is that all Americans get access to important medicines. The discoveries that are happening right now are amazing. We want to make sure that if the ACA is repealed that it is replaced with something that will ensure that these Americans still have access to the innovative medicines that we are able to launch," Jimenez said.