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For any image or symbol or creative act to mean something, it has to touch something deeper, connect to something true.

― Jay-Z

In Jay-Z’s recent book, Decoded, the above quote struck a chord with me. As healthcare marketers, we always connect our products to scientific data, clinical studies, and P values. In addition, there are the numerous safety data, tolerability profiles, and dosing schedules to promote.

But when the physician has a patient experience that delivers on these claims, only then will that physician believe enough to be touched and, ultimately, to look to place that product on his or her mental short-list for future patients suffering from those particular symptoms. Let’s break down the images, symbols, and creative acts in our business and show how they drive the brand experience.

Image. In the past, the brand image often went a long way to cement the positioning in the physician’s mind. With DDMAC and the current marketing environment, interesting creative work is rare—and stellar creative work is even more unusual. This does not mean strong creative is impossible. There are people who can navigate the conservative medical-legal system and deliver a stand-out creative product. Don’t settle for an older couple walking their dog on a beach; your brand deserves more.