The Collected Adventures of PhRMA Intern | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

Yes, it's PhRMA Intern! Strange visitor from an Ivy League school who came to PhRMA with powers and ability far beyond those of Ken Johnson. PhRMA Intern! Who can change the course of mighty news stories, bend the truth at will, and who disguised as Emily Jameson (no relation to Jenna Jameson), mild-mannered intern for a great pharmaceutical trade association, fights a never ending battle for believability, justice for pharmaceutical companies, and the PhRMA way!


In response to an inquiry about a violation of PhRMA’s DTC advertising guiding principles, pharmaguy received a letter from PhRMA signed mysteriously “Emily M. Johnson.” No job title was included. It only indicated she was from the "Office of Accountability."  Who was she? Was she related to Ken Johnson, Senior PhRMA VP at the time? All will be revealed in the end. All that matters now is emily was the inspiration for... PhRMA INTERN!