#Pharma Sales Rep Income Gap: Women = 0.86 x Men | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News | Scoop.it

Of all the sub-categories of medical sales, pharma and specialty pharma have the best balance of men and women; however, men still represent 59% of all pharma respondents, and they out earn women by 14%. That means women earn an average pharmaceutical sales salary that is just 86% of what men earn. Unlike in the overall salary report, where base salaries were more on par, even the base pharmaceutical sales salaries were significantly different between men and women. This gender inequity is largely explained by the fact that men are far more likely to hold higher paying job titles such as Sales Director, Sales VP, or Sales Manager. Just 1 in 6 Sales Directors or Sales VPs is a woman, and 1 in 7 Sales Managers. 

[I've included this chart in my Slideshare PPT: "Digital Savvy Women Pharma Pioneers"; http://bit.ly/dswpreso ]