Sun, Sand and Drugs. Yes, It's Fort Lauderdale. No, It's Not Flakka | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

The pharmaceutical industry was once an elusive market with its facilities confined to traditional powerhouse cities such as Boston and San Francisco. But today’s Pharma companies have diversified significantly as pockets of corporate offices, manufacturers and R&D facilities are being found in seemingly surprising places.


Greater Fort Lauderdale, typically known for its sandy beaches and palm trees has spent the past few years quietly assembling one of the most dynamic pharmaceutical clusters in the country. The region currently holds 1,500 biotech institutions that employ more than 26,000 people and generate $4 billion in revenue each year.


Considered a gateway to Latin America, Broward County also has continued to expand its ties to businesses overseas. In April 2016, Ecolab Inc., announced plans to create its Latin America regional headquarters in Miramar, just south of Fort Lauderdale.


Pharmaceutical executives’ time is precious; their company’s capital even more so. When scouting out potential new locations, it is important to consider how the surrounding area will impact the businesses’ bottom line.


Outlined here are a few reasons why Greater Fort Lauderdale has evolved past its reputation of being a magnate for retirees and spring breakers and become a hotspot for pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing and office space.