An “Army” of Allergan Sales Reps is Being Recruited to Storm OB-GYNs Across the U.S. DTC Ads Too, Of Course! | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

From where Allergan’s sitting, forthcoming uterine fibroid treatment Esmya could become a flagship product. But the company knows that getting it there won’t be easy—or cheap.


For one, there’s going to be “a lot of education required” to make Esmya successful, company commercial chief Bill Meury said in an interview. Currently, there are no FDA-approved treatments for uterine fibroids, and Allergan’s research suggests that many women living with the condition aren’t aware of treatment options.


“They’re employing various coping strategies, or just normalizing symptoms,” Meury said.


Allergan, though, is up for the task. The product is going to get “a great deal of investment,” starting with backing from a women’s health field force of roughly 300 representatives—an army Meury said is one of, if not the, largest in the industry. They’ll call on 20,000 OB-GYNs nationwide, and that’s where Allergan things its “excellent relationships” with OB-GYNs around the country will come into play.


“They know us and we know them,” thanks to oral contraceptive Lo Loestrin and estrogen replacement product Estrace, Meury said. “Esmya will fit right into that group.”


The company is also plotting a branded DTC campaign that will put Esmya “front and center,” Meury said, and that effort will include TV, print and social media components.