Craig DeLarge Leaves Pharma to Pursue New Career in Digital Mental Health Outcomes | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

Craig DeLarge, until yesterday, Global Leader, Multichannel Marketing Strategy & Innovation at Merck, announced his departure from the pharmaceutical industry on his Facebook timeline.

"Yesterday," said Craig, 'was my last day as ‪#‎Global‬ Leader, MCM ‪#‎Strategy‬ & ‪#‎Innovation‬ at ‪#‎Merck‬. It has been a good, highly developmental & productive 2 years at the '‪#‎leadership‬ school', I have fondly come to refer to Merck as. I am grateful for the leaders who brought me in, and the colleagues I co-developed and co-created with during my tenure.

"Moving on, I am furthering my practice in the areas of ‪#‎digitalhealthcare‬, ‪#‎changeleadership‬ and ‪#‎mentalhealth‬ outcomes. I will be taking time to explore how I can best contribute my leadership, ‪#‎creativity‬ and management in these areas in either freelance, ‪#‎consulting‬ or organizational leadership contexts.

"In particular, I will be focusing on a ‪#‎sabbatical‬ research project to map 'digital mental health' over the next 4 months as this brings together my expertise in digital health and my interest in mental health, related to my ‪#‎NAMI‬ Board work. I offer my best wishes to my management and colleagues I am leaving behind. I welcome the good wishes and assistance of any who know of opportunities for me to contribute in the three areas I mention above."

Craig has influenced countless people in his nearly 25 years within and outside the pharmaceutical industry. Let me tell you how he has influenced me. Read more about that here.