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Diet Pill Round-Up - Exposing the Cold Hard Truth about Weight Loss Medications

Diet Pill Round-Up - Exposing the Cold Hard Truth about Weight Loss Medications | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

The claims are often incredible. "If your results are too drastic, reduce usage!" We all know better - but for those dealing with excess weight, the promises can often prove too tempting to ignore. Simply hearing, "you know that's a lie," from friends and family isn't enough - what people need is real information without all the spin.


As such, we at Weight Crafters felt obligated to compile some educational material for those seeking answers. Read on for an honest, objective and educated review of the top 19 diet pills and "miracle cures" out there on the market.

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Higher dose of Victoza helped patients drop weight

Higher dose of Victoza helped patients drop weight | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

At the American Diabetes Association meeting in San Francisco, the drugmaker said its Phase-III SCALE trial showed that patients taking a once-daily injection of 3mg of liraglutide achieved average weight loss of 5.9% body weight, compared to 2.0% weight loss among those on placebo. Patients who took a lower Victoza dose of 1.8mg reached average weight loss of 4.6% of body weight. All enrolled patients were also put on a diet and exercise program.

Novo Nordisk submitted new drug applications to the FDA and EMA to support approval of liraglutide 3mg as a weight-loss treatment in December 2013.

Victoza saw $2.1 billion in US sales for 2013, a 31% increase from the year prior, according to IMS Health.

Pharma Guy's insight:

Public Citizen in a petition it filed in 2010 with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called on the agency to "immediately remove from the market the increasingly prescribed diabetes drug Victoza because it puts patients at higher risk of thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, serious allergic reactions and kidney failure that outweigh any documented clinical benefits."

The Public Citizen press release states the case regarding pancreatitis:

"Even in the small numbers of patients in clinical trials, pancreatitis was increased 3.7-fold in patients getting Victoza over that seen in patients getting other diabetes drugs; additional cases of pancreatitis continue to be reported to the FDA in alarming numbers, considering how few adverse events are ever reported. In the first 17 months of Victoza being on the market, 200 patients were diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, according to Public Citizen’s review of the FDA’s adverse event database. Because only an estimated 10 percent of cases are reported, potentially as many as 2,000 patients or more have suffered a painful and serious outcome as a result of taking Victoza."

At a Selling Sickness conference in Washington, DC, Wolfe gave a rousing keynote presentation in which he spoke about the "selling sickness" aspect of marketing Victoza in spite of its dangerous side effects: Listen to this Pharmaguy Audio Snippet.

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