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By Manny Hernandez

This past Monday, was the historical the FDA-Patient Dialogue on Unmet Needs in Diabetes. I had the honor to be a part of a diverse and wonderful panel of patients aimed at bringing some perspective into elements of our lives with diabetes are still not adequately addressed by the agency.

Social media was buzzing with enthusiasm using the #DOCasksFDA hashtag (DOC = Diabetes Online Community). You can get a really good sense of that day on Twitter thanks to this comprehensive Storify that the folks at diaTribe Foundation put together. In fact, enthusiasm seems to have exceeded FDA's wildest expectations in terms of attendance, since the webcast system crashed halfway through the 3-hour long event.

Yet much was accomplished during the day. First off, the crash signaled to me the level of interest the community has to work together with the FDA, and that is a GREAT thing! Also, I felt that the agency showed us that they are truly listening, as Brian (another patient advocate in the meeting) pointed out on this post he wrote on TuDiabetes.