On TV DNC May Go Easy on Pharma, But on Paper It Swings Away! | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News | Scoop.it

Democrats aren’t planning any major health policy discussions or new proposals at the convention, a senior Democrat close to the Hillary Clinton campaign said.


It could be good news for the drug industry, if it means avoiding a prime-time bashing on drug prices, an issue Clinton has spoken about on the campaign trail. The final Democratic Party Platform, on the other hand, doesn’t let pharma off easy.


The platform, released Friday, takes a number of swings at the industry. It pledges to “crack down on price gouging” and cap consumers’ out-of-pocket monthly costs. Those caps are usually okay with the drug industry, but disliked by insurers. The platform also calls for allowing the importation of prescription drugs, letting Medicare negotiate drug prices, and an end to “pay-for-delay” deals--where a brand drug company pays a generic maker to keep a product off the market.


Democrats also urge the federal government to change the DEA’s scheduling of marijuana and provide “a reasonable pathway” for legalization. States should be able to decriminalize or provide medical access if they choose to do so, the platform adds.