Dear PhRMA CEO John Castellani: You Can't Arrest People for Being "Stupid!" | Pharmaguy's Insights Into Drug Industry News |

How bitter is the pharmaceutical industry over the anti-vaccine quackery of Jenny McCarthy? John Castellani, who leads the industry trade group PhRMA, would like to see her in cuffs.

“I am very angry about Jenny McCarthy,” Castellani, PhRMA’s president and CEO, told attendees of the MedCity ENGAGE conference Tuesday in Bethesda, Maryland. “That’s stupid. That’s from a public-health standpoint. That’s stupid. It’s based on a lie. It’s based on a myth. And we’re putting children’s lives in danger. The woman ought to be arrested.

“So much for Jenny McCarthy.”

A smattering of the roughly 150 attendees in the room – a mix of patients, policymakers and members of the pharma, hospital, health insurance and tech sectors – applauded.