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23andMe CEO and cofounder Anne Wojcicki explains how she intends to get FDA approval for health-related genetic tests and move ahead on what she says is a 10-year goal of revolutionizing healthcare.

Q: What’s the status with the FDA right now?

A: They’re a very willing partner. We are extremely lucky in the sense that when we call them, they call us right back. I think that they genuinely want to make this all work. I really do believe there’s that genuine partnership with them.

[FDA Commissioner] Peggy Hamburg wrote in a New York Times [opinion piece] that the FDA is committed to finding a path to direct-to-consumer [genetic tests]. I do believe there is a genuine intention to try to find a path. It’s probably not going to be exactly what we wanted and it’s going to take time. In Silicon Valley, you want things done instantly. It’s not going to be that. But we’ve learned that. We’re going to figure out some kind of path.