A psychiatrist risks all to expose a corrupt drug company.

Described as Erin Brockovich meets The Constant Gardener, THE GOOSE THAT LAID THE GOLDEN EGG is based on a true story that involves greed, power, lies, tragedy, danger, and death. It is also an inspirational and spiritual story, with themes of overcoming personal loss and personal redemption. The entirety of Psalm 46 is in the screenplay, which is written by Doug Bremner and Cathy Reinking.

Renzon Pharmaceuticals aren’t about to let a psychiatrist get in the way of their billion dollar a year miracle cure for acne. So when Dr. Johnny Forteo dares to question the potentially lethal side effect of their drug, Synoderm, they pull out the stops, ultimately leaving him jobless, friendless, wifeless – but not, completely hopeless.

Drawn into the medication controversy as an unwilling participant, he learns that he must confront the lies and deception in his own life before he can confront the lies and deceptions of others. With nothing left to lose, he goes on a journey to revisit a tragedy from his own past. Along the way he is joined by Ginny Bellaconda, the bereaved mother at the center of ongoing litigation with Renzon. When he unearths more painful secrets and deceptions that parallel those he has discovered in the pharmaceutical company, his voyage of self-discovery gives him strength to resume his struggle, now joined by Ginny, leading to the ultimate tumultuous conclusion.

From Amazon reader reviews of the well-reviewed non-fiction version of The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg:

“An indictment of the pharmaceutical industry... illuminates the greed and unscrupulous nature of pharmaceutical companies and their market driven interests.”

“A compelling and spell-binding narrative which fuses the personal and social in a heroic quest.”

“I was so fascinated (and horrified) once I started reading, I finished the book in a single day.”