#VR still alive & kicking at Sundance - Inside The Massive VR Intersection At Sundance Film Festival
Quote "For example, Cornish’s project Fall in Love utilizes voice recognition software for speech-based interactivity. When the user asks a question into the microphone embedded in the Oculus Rift headset, the talk-to-text program interprets it and triggers an emotionally intelligent response from the virtual actor. Moth+Flame has also produced VR content for brands ranging from Google, Oculus, AMC, Discovery, MTV, AT&T, Ram Truck, and AMD and worked with talent including Taylor Swift"
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Quote "The tests are designed to challenge observation, persuasion and people-watching and -listening skills, described by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's office as "human intelligence". Ms Bishop did the rounds on Tuesday's morning television to spruik the recruitment drive, stopping just short of saying they were looking for the next James Bond. "What we're looking for is people from diverse range of backgrounds — people who have got a curious outlook, obviously intelligent, it is an intelligence service," she told Channel Seven's Sunrise. "It is not a boring desk job. You have to be resilient, be prepared to work overseas but always acting in Australia's national interest.""
Empathy of course - A #VR Virtual Reality film is more than just an immersive experience
Quote "Underlying these claims are a set of assumptions not just about VR and technology but about empathy itself. The word empathy is relatively new, coined as late as 1909, and American philosopher Martha Nussbaum has called it “an exercise of the muscles of the imagination, making people capable of inhabiting for a time the world of a different person….” If for Nussbaum it is imagination that fuels empathy it seems to be at variance with VR’s insistence that only by wholly recreating a physical or spatial context can we be assured of generating an empathetic response."