L.A. Jewelry Artisan Creates Trendy Treasures With Personalized Flair


Los Angeles, California (April 3, 2013) – When one hears a phrase like, “personalized jewelry” certain images come to mind. So much of it is over-done or lacking in overall quality that it can be difficult to decide on a piece that carries the right balance of quality and elegance. The latest tenant on the Etsy block is hoping to change the perception of personalized jewelry with a line that is both creative and fashionable: introducing Swirl Studio Designs and the artist behind it, Sarah.


At a first glance, it becomes clear that Swirl Studio Designs is not your average Etsy store, nor does it seem geared toward the teen accessory set where so much personalized jewelry tends to gravitate. These pieces have a style that easily blends in with any outfit or occasion and are available in a range of styles and colors. Whether you are looking for monogram earrings, a sterling silver ID bracelet or a personalized name necklace, you are sure to find the perfect piece in Sarah's exquisitely crafted line.


Whether it be a name, initials, a favorite quote or artistic engraving, the perfect personalized necklace, ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings can be found at Swirl Studio Designs. Sarah's extensive collection is growing by the day offering a wide array of options for any occasion or mood.


Sarah describes herself as, “a jewelry artist with a passion for fashion,” with a decade of experience designing and hand-crafting personalized jewelry. Prior to opening her Etsy store, Sarah gained a following in her community selling directly to friends and through area shops. She says that her inspiration comes from her travels, and that inspiration is evident in the eclectic nature of her designs and design materials. She describes Swirl Studio Designs as ever evolving and expanding with new ideas being forged into tangible (and wearable) reality all the time.


Nearly 150 items are currently on display at Swirl Studio Designs' Etsy store and Sarah invites the public to browse each piece and compare it in quality and value to those found elsewhere. She is convinced that you will be impressed and inspired by the quality and uniqueness of her work.


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