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Kristina Wilds's The Shepherd’s Diet PDF Ebook Download Free

Kristina Wilds's The Shepherd’s Diet PDF Ebook Download Free | Ebooks & Books (PDF Free Download) | Scoop.it

Kristina Wilds's The Shepherd’s Diet PDF ebook download. Feel free to get legal access to this book because it helps to lose weight fast. Well, here goes nothing. I’ve started to write a post to help keep me motivated through my diet changes and hopefully my weight loss journey. I already have numerous health concerns, including PCOS, hypertension, anxiety/depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and a thyroid imbalance. Life hasn’t been easy and I developed a bad habit of comfort eating. Unfortunately, it caught up with me. I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. Just great, right? I decided to finish the rest of the year carefree and start making healthy choices in 2017. Today was Day 1 of my new life. I found myself quite depressed throughout the day. I know I shouldn’t be. I’m making a fantastic choice to improve my quality of life and hopefully reversing my Diabetes for now. But I can’t seem to have a positive outlook right now. All I can focus on is what I can’t have anymore. My diet consisted of large meals with insane amounts of carbs, (I pretty much lived on pasta, perogies, pizzas, and mashed potatoes) lots of fast food and pop. I snacked all the time. (My stomach is growling just thinking about it all) Definitely not a good diet for a diabetic. I’ve dropped down to drinking just water and consuming about 45 carbs per meal. I’m focusing on protein, veggies, and fruits. Eventually, I’ll be switching over to the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook for a while to see if that helps. I’ve heard about quite a few people who have had success, so it’s worth a shot. Every once in a while, I can have a little bit of the things I’m cutting out, but I’m terrified if I start to have little bits, I’ll slip. I’ve tried this whole dieting thing before in the past. I’m currently 224lbs but used to weigh 270lbs. I was fairly successful for a month or two, and then I slipped, kept falling, and eventually just gave up. My ultimate goal is to change my diet enough to get my blood sugar back in the normal range, but I’m hoping the weight will go down with the changes. I definitely have to get used to being hungry. 

Ebooks & Books (PDF Free Download)
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