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XF Diet System by John PDF book free download. Going to work even harder on getting my weight down a little more my goal weight loss is to lose forty lbs before the holidays roll in and also to take steps to keep the weight off I made a doctor's appointment to see a diet instructor to help me out to its going to be hard giving up alot of foods I love and drinks I love but my health and appearance is more important I'm very thankful how my life is now all the good positive changes I have done all alone by myself not even a man's help I done all this by myself and I still have more positive changes to make starting with some of the people I'm starting to see mean me no good bout to start dropping they asses too I'm serious all negative things out my life but one of the most heart breaking things I had to do was cut my kids father off he doesn't believe in change for the better or didn't want to commit to us being married or nothing don't get me wrong he was good in helping me financially but that's all he just don't have what it take to make a woman happy no I love you Keisha no dates wouldn't go to church with me no family nights no hugs no kisses just no nothing just plain dead inside all he wants is weekend sex smoke cigarettes and sleep day and Nite watching t.v not even the drive to clean his apartment before he invited me over I seen the red flags all along but didn't want to accept reality but I did yesterday I let him go I told him I think it's best if he and I went our own separate ways cause I know now even tho we have kids together he isn't the man God has for me and I can except that now I'm actually glad I decided to let him go but now that we separated we can't stand one another but it's okay God will handle him for me my focus is on God Me And my family now not him anymore so with that I'm going to try to find sleep again fbfs......LATER!!!!!