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John Gilmore's Book World War Water PDF download free. 

We hurriedly walked through a middle-class Fresno, California neighborhood. The City of Fresno and Fresno County are located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley: a major hub of industrial agriculture and one of the most drought-affected areas of the state. We wanted to ask residents in our region about the current drought: what do they think are the main causes and contributors to the drought? How is the drought affecting them? Drought is not new to California, but the intensity of the current drought’s impacts is causing great concern and human suffering. In 2016, plentiful rains made all the plants and trees lusher and greener than they have been in years. The heavy irrigation of farmland also makes the drought invisible from an aerial view. Sadly, the green above ground is juxtaposed with severe depletion of groundwater and aquifers below. This year’s rainfall, rising lake, and reservoir levels, some serious flash floods and mudslides, and an impressive snowpack in the Sierras do not mean that the drought has ended.