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Winning Horses Only eBook by Curtis Palmer free download (.pdf). Certain people can stick up for Tvg all they want but it's facts that many of them are limited in horse racing knowledge when it comes to the rules of betting. I just wish someone can roll the tape yesterday when Mike Joyce Christinia Olivares said that a horse can't be Disqualified because they finished in a dead heat. I can tell you about 50 times when they give out bad information and no one on the station comes on to correct them.listen we are betting real money and I have many friends here that will vouch for me where winning matters to me I'm sorry I'm in no position for fun and games when betting money at the track. We can go out to a comedy club after the racing day but while they're racing at least give out correct information. Shit!Shit!Shit! Picked 5 horses and stuck a Lucky 31 bet on! Just been to see how the first two had done only to discover my bet hadn't gone through. Don't think I could have pressed the final place bet button!! Anyway still checked the results and the first two have won at 11/2 and 9/2!!! Would have been £17 up with 3 still to run and a chance of winning £44,000!! Unable to take the risk I've now pick one more and placed a Lucky 15. What's the betting they all lose or worse still the extra one loses and the original 3 win and I have a life time of "what if" and get a couple of hundred instead of 44K. Want to win?