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Evan Marc Katz's Why He Disappeared PDF eBook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! At the weekend, I arranged to go for a drink with someone I met in the outside world. It’s tonight and it’s just occurred to me – is this a date? Up until now, I’d thought we were just two new acquaintances who had arranged to go for a drink after work. But I don’t know if we’re going as friends or if this is a first date. I mean, we got on quite well when we met, she’s pretty and we’re into a lot of the same things. I don’t know why I can’t tell what this is I’m going on. I guess it was the casual nature of the way it was arranged. Oh, and also a complete absence of emotional intelligence and being able to detect and understand non-verbal cues from other people on my part. Seriously, I should hire an advisor to walk around with me just to translate this shit. I suppose it will become apparent as the evening unfolds whether I’m having a drink with a new friend or on a date? Won’t it? At least, I hope it does. I’m basically fine with whatever it turns out to be, it’s just nice to know in advance. I think I’ll go into it with a ‘friend’ mindset. Play it safe. Now though, I’m flicking back through messages exchanged and I’m like, are these friend messages or pre-first date messages? If things are unclear, maybe there are clues I can look for as to whether it’s a date or not. What she wears? What she says? Of course, I could be grown-up, mature and adult about it by just asking her. (Ha! Imagine if I was that sensible). I guess it’s best not to think about it. Just enjoy the company. And the alcohol. Mmm, alcohol. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll let you know what happens.